Benefits of Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Workplace-Meaning

3 Things that Make the Workplace Meaningful

Servant leadership increases three things in the workplace: meaning, joy and prosperity.* Indeed, I would say servant-leaders are “meaning-driven.” The ones I know are motivated by things they find to be important at a deep, personal level. Servant-leaders are able to see – and share with their followers – what lies beyond the superficial. That’s …

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Servant Leadership Workplace-Learning Failure

Leadership and Learning (from Failure)

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” That’s a quote from President John F. Kennedy. Wiser words have rarely been spoken.* And in a sense, President Kennedy’s words are getting wiser with each passing day. “Today,” writes Daniel J. Levitan, “we are confronted with an unprecedented amount of information, and each of us generates …

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