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Be a Leader, Not a Pleaser

“Everyone likes him. He must be a good leader.”

I heard a colleague say that once in the workplace.

And when I heard it, I objected.

I didn’t object because the guy in question was a bad leader. I objected because the statement isn’t true.

Just because everyone likes you doesn’t mean you’re a good leader.

In fact, if everyone likes you, it might suggest you’re more of a pleaser than a leader.

Which – if people are counting on you to lead – could be problematic.

I’ve seen this phenomenon plenty of times in the workplace. I bet you have too: The person who confuses leading with pleasing. 

The pleaser tries to make everyone happy, avoids necessary conflict, can’t give critical feedback, never makes enemies and doesn’t cultivate dissent.*

In acting that way, the pleaser ain’t leading. The pleaser is merely . . . well  . . . pleasing.

Unlike a pleaser, a leader doesn’t forego the chance of higher team performance in favor of good team feelings.

In my experience, some people are constituted as pleasers. By nature or nurture – that’s beside the point here. Pleasers are great to have around. As family, friends and colleagues. Indeed, pleasers can thrive in the workplace – particularly in direct customer service.

But in leadership?

Gotta’ be careful with that one.

Sometimes pleasing can become an excuse for poor leading – or worse, pleasing can be antithetical to leading.

Sorry folks, remember the saying: “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader. Sell ice cream.”**

Good servant-leaders know this.

Sure, servant-leaders want to please their followers and those they serve. No doubt about that!

But . . .

A good servant-leader never lets pleasing get in the way of leading.

What do you think? Have you seen pleasing get in the way of leading?

As always, we appreciate your views.



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** I just love that saying: “If You Want to Make Everyone Happy, Don’t Be a Leader. Sell Ice Cream”