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3 Things to Say on Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning. You’re back at work.

Here comes your manager walking down the hall towards you. What does he say?


That’s neither polite nor motivating, is it?

Yet, it’s a common occurrence. People are busy. People are stressed. Especially on Monday morning.

Well, it could be worse. Your manager could look down at his phone as he passes, suggesting that living-and-breathing-you is less important than some email.

But what if your manager is also a good servant-leader?

Then your manager would likely smile (see photo above), stop, and spend some time with you.

And here are 3 things a servant-leader might say on Monday morning:

  1. How was your weekend? Servant-leaders tend to see others as whole people – people with families, interests, joys and sorrows outside the office. Servant-leaders honestly care how your weekend was because they honestly care about others. Moreover, as a business matter, they recognize that things outside the office can have an effect on things inside the office. So, they want to see the bigger picture.
  2. What do you want to accomplish this week? The best servant-leaders are focused on results. They keep the destination towards which they are leading constantly in view. Moreover, servant-leaders make sure others share that view and make effective contributions to achieving it.*
  3. How can I help you? Sadly, not many people hear their managers say those five wonderful words. But, the servant-leaders I’ve known say them (or words like them) on a regular basis. Servant-leaders aren’t going to do your work for you. But they do want to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish this week.

So, it’s Monday morning. Maybe you’re busy. Maybe you’re stressed.

But, I hope you won’t treat any of your colleagues at the office like the manager mentioned above. When you see them in the hall, smile. Stop. Take some time and try asking these three questions.

Remember, no matter how busy or stressed you are, practicing good servant-leadership is likely to make your day – and the days of others – better!

What do you think? Are there other things you’ve heard a servant-leader say as the week gets underway? What are we missing here?


As always, we appreciate your views.


* Servant-leaders are particularly good at keeping others connected to the company mission. Here’s a post on how they do it: “5 Ways to Stay Connected to the Company Mission”