Quotations for Servant-Leaders: New Free ebook

Cairnway-Servant Leadership Quotations-Ebook

Quotations: adages and aphorisms – epigrams and epitaphs – quips and witticisms – maxims, mottos and memes.

Human beings have enjoyed quotations for thousands of years.

Quotations can inspire us, inform us and entertain us. When shared – posted on social media or hung outside a cube, for example – they can tell the world something about our inner selves or connect us to other like-minded people. Facebook profiles have a spot to put your favorite quotation. Gravestones were publishing quotations long before the internet.

This book contains quotations for servant-leaders. It’s a companion to the printed book, Be the Leader You Want to Follow: Your Servant Leadership Guidebook, to be published this year.

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Quotations for Servant-Leaders

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