Our executive coaching team is comprised of Certified Sherpa Coaches, one of the premiere coaching programs in the world. Individual clients use our coaching for self-improvement and self-preparation for anticipated new roles. Executive coaching can help a client prepare for a new leadership role, assimilate into a new team or to address a challenge that is holding the client back from maximum performance. For corporate clients, we work with an executive sponsor as well as with the coaching client. 


2 hours to half day 


Small teams up to large groups, but smaller audiences allow for more interaction


Group setting with participants at tables, mixing discovery, discussion, application and action planning.

“The philosophy behind Sherpa Coaching resonates with what I have learned over the years: clients have to do the work, and coaches need to stay out of their way.”


- Marshall Goldsmith

All of our coaching formats are highly-personalized. Our primary ways of measuring success are:

 Client satisfaction.

Positive changes in behavior observed by others, including the executive sponsor, measured by multirater or similar feedback, if appropriate. 

A recognizable positive impact on business.

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