Servant Leadership Workplace-Celebrated

What Gets Celebrated Gets Done

“What gets measured gets done.”

I first heard that expression when I served as CFO of CARE, a giant nonprofit organization.

I mention that bit of context because I was then – and I enthusiastically remain – all in favoring of measuring things.

As one who aspires to be a servant-leader in the workplace, one of my priorities is to achieve results.* And I know that when we don’t measure things, we tend not to get results.

But in my experience, servant-leaders live by a second expression:

“What gets celebrated gets done.”

Celebration can be a strong and persuasive motivator, especially at work.

When we celebrate an achievement at work, we thank those who accomplished it. When we celebrate a specific behavior at work, we hold it up as something for others to imitate. When we celebrate a victory at work, we share in it and build a closer team.**

Moreover, celebration can tell you a lot about an organization’s culture.

Tell me what an organization celebrates and I will tell you what it values.

So, for servant-leaders in the workplace, measuring is an important foundation for getting things done. But celebration builds on that foundation and makes it able to support far greater future success.

What do you think? Do agree that what gets celebrated gets done? Do you have some experience from your workplace to share?

Let us know.

As always, we appreciate your views. Thanks!

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