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3 Things to Say on Friday Afternoon

It’s Friday afternoon. You’re heading out of the office.

Do you stop by your manager’s office to say goodbye?

Or, do you slip out without a word?

I hope you do the former. That would suggest you have a good relationship with your manager.

Unfortunately, however, I’m afraid most people do the latter.

A lot of managers are jerks. I have seen more than one weekend ruined by an assignment given late on a Friday afternoon. If you got a manager like that, a Friday afternoon conversation could be hazardous.

But what if your manager is also a good servant-leader?

Then I bet you stop in to say goodbye for the weekend. Here are 3 things a servant-leader might say on Friday afternoon:

  1. “What did we accomplish this week?” By definition, servant-leaders are goal oriented. For them, results count. So, good servant-leaders want to keep abreast of their team’s shared progress. Servant-leaders want to know what their followers think is going well or is off track, as the case may be.*
  2. “Did we learn something new?” The best servant-leaders are continuous learners. They look for the opportunity to learn, through formal instruction, of course, but also through daily interaction with others. Servant-leaders are particularly good at learning from failure.**
  3. “Thank you.” Actually, servant-leaders don’t reserve their thanks for Friday afternoon. The ones I’ve known say “thank you” early and often. And they mean it. Good servant-leaders treat their followers – even those they manage – as if they were volunteers. They’re grateful for that followership.***

So, if you have a good manager, stop by and say goodbye on Friday afternoon. And if you want to be a good manager yourself, do the same.

What do you think of these 3 things to say on Friday afternoon? Are there other things you’ve heard a servant-leader say as the week comes to a close? What are we missing here?


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