Ann McGee-Cooper – The Transforming Power of Servant Leadership

Have you ever encountered a person who truly challenged your understanding of the world? Ann McGee-Cooper encountered such a person in Robert K. Greenleaf, the humble man credited with launching the modern servant leadership movement.


Bob Greenleaf mentored Ann during the last 10 years of his life. He helped Ann realize

Servant leadership is something that if you dare to bring into your life it transforms everything about who you are and your values, how you think, your priorities, how you live your life.

Ann embodies servant leadership. Like a true servant leader, she has inspired many others. Her influence is still felt today in such great companies as Southwest Airlines, TDIndustries and The Container Store.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Ann for our Servant Leadership Sessions podcast. It was a rich and transformative conversation, so rich that we’ve split it into two episodes.

This episode explores what Ann learned through her relationship with Bob Greenleaf and how it transformed her life and work. We cover topics like deep listening, looking inward, true dialogue (including silence), and the value of slowing down.

“Your role model is your most powerful teaching tool,” Ann told me. That’s my favorite takeaway.

I hope you can find a quiet place where you can enjoy our conversation. And be sure to join us next month when we discuss Ann’s amazing work helping leaders and leading companies embrace servant leadership.