Cheryl Bachelder, Dare to Serve

Cheryl BachelderImagine you’re the new leader of a struggling organization. Seven other people have held your job in the last few years. Results have been in a downward spiral. Sales have plummeted. Relationships with key stakeholders are strained.

That describes what Cheryl Bachelder saw when she became CEO of Popeyes®Louisiana Kitchen back 2007 – not a pretty picture.

Dare To ServeIn her new book, Dare to Serve: How Drive Superior Results By Serving OthersCheryl recounts how she and the leaders of  Popeyes undertook a “grand experiment” to paint a new picture with servant leadership.

In this month’s Servant Leadership Session with Kevin Monroe, Cheryl discusses that grand experiment and how servant leadership has been the catalyst for success at Popeyes. Cheryl tackles the myths that servant leadership is soft, meek or weak. Her commonsense approach is refreshing and her book is a delight.

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