Employee Engagement – Small is the new Big

When it comes to enhancing employee engagement, what if your biggest gains actually result from something small? That’s what Kevin Nakao and his colleagues at TinyHR believe. And it’s what led them to create TINYpulse, short weekly surveys that provide leaders with actionable insights that improve employee happiness, productivity, and engagement.

Employee Engagement: Small is the new Big
Kevin Nakao, head of employee engagement at TinyHR, recently sat down with Cairnway’s Kevin Monroe and together they explored how little surveys are leading to big improvements for a host of companies. If you want to know the secret — it’s taking informed action that matters most.

What informs the action?

Knowing the concerns, challenges, and celebrations of your employees in real-time (well, almost).

Being committed to engage in candid conversations with your team and your employees about these issues.

Taking action based on those conversations.

If you’re interested in enhancing employee engagement in your organization, we invite you to join us. Who knows? It just might lead to your next big insight.